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About Liberty First Legal

Liberty First Legal (LFL) was birthed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis as church-targeting and persecution spread under the guise of “safety measures,” and due process of business owners and private citizens were trampled by extra-constitutional orders. LFL’s mandate is to protect religious and constitutional freedoms. To accomplish this mission LFL will engage in legal and constitutional issues through education and litigation that includes representing clients at every court level throughout the United States and at international tribunals around the globe.

LFL Chief Counsel KrisAnne Hall is an accomplished constitutional attorney and scholar with a zeal for defending liberty. She served for nearly a decade as a criminal prosecutor before entering the constitutional law realm where she defended religious liberty and first amendment rights with a prominent non-profit law firm. Her work included advising schoolboards on prayer policies and religious protection for teachers and students, defending students’ ability to participate in religious organizations, including Bible clubs, on campus; Protecting the free speech rights of open-air preachers and pro-life demonstrators; Safeguarding the constitutional rights of religious groups in public facilities and venues.

KrisAnne has spearheaded an education and advocacy campaign to inform and equip Americans with the knowledge and tools to defend their liberties. This advocacy has taken her to over 260 presentations in over 22 states every year for nearly a decade.

LFL is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, where Chief Counsel Hall also serves as a member of the teaching faculty at River University’s River School of Government.


LFL provides free legal assistance Bible-believing churches, Christians and patriots who find the practice of their religious faith or civil liberties being threatened by governmental regulation, intrusion, or prohibition in one form or another.

LFL is here to help those who are in some way facing legal difficulties for exercising their God-given liberty. LFL provides free legal services based in part on your generosity. Your contribution to LFL is 501(c)(3) tax deductible.

LFL exists to help preserve religious and civil liberty for you, your children and “ages and millions yet unborn.”

We need you fighting alongside us – donate today. If you would like to pay by check, please make your check payable to Liberty First Legal, and send to:

Liberty First Legal
11214 E MLK Blvd 127
 Seffner, FL 33584

“Whenever our church needs legal advice we call ‘Liberty First Legal’ first. They are our first choice for legal assistance. There team responds fast to our inquiries and we always get excellent advice to empower us to make wise decisions.”

Pastors Daniel & Clover Williams
The River Church at Fort Myers
Fort Myers, Florida

“…Liberty First Legal immediately came alongside of our ministry the moment our church came under scrutiny with in our community. We simply came under scrutiny for exercising our constitutional right to worship.  Liberty first Legal provided us fast and sound support enabling me to quickly inform our congregation, while also providing cover to our staff and church volunteers….”

Pastor Shawn Baker
New Life Church
Santa Rosa Beach, Florida

“…I believe Counselor Hall and Liberty First Legal would be a “Blessing & Asset” to any organization, religious or secular, that is facing undue pressure and infringements of freedoms. I would highly recommend their services to any person, group, and organization who might find themselves needing any such counsel or support….”

Pastor Bryan A. Tomes
Crossroads Community Church
Fitchburg, MA.

“It helps knowing who you can turn to in uncertain times. 2020 brought about many challenges and changes and I’m thankful, as a small church pastor, that Liberty First Legal and Kris Anne Hall were there for us…Kris Anne gave us the knowledge and tools we needed to address anything we might encounter….”

Rev. Joseph L. Arnold
Pastor, Calvary Church
Proctorsville, VT