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The light of 1776 still burns bright in those seeking freedom from political oppression

Department of Defense Senior Leadership Has Failed to Uphold The Constitution of The United States of America.

SECDEF and Senior Pentagon Leadership violated the sacred oath of trust between leader and service member when executing their COVID-19 vaccine mandate. Liberty First Legal will now ensure that our service members and civilian employees receive due process in a court of law.

Your Rights Restored

Liberty First Legal


Our mission

Liberty First Legal (LFL) was birthed in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis as church-targeting and persecution spread under the guise of “safety measures,” and due process of business owners and private citizens were trampled by extra-constitutional orders. LFL’s mandate is to protect religious and constitutional freedoms.

To accomplish this mission LFL will engage in legal and constitutional issues through education and litigation that includes representing clients at every court level throughout the United States and at international tribunals around the globe.

KrisAnne Hall

LFL Chief Counsel KrisAnne Hall is an accomplished constitutional attorney and scholar with a zeal for defending liberty. She served for nearly a decade as a criminal prosecutor before entering the constitutional law realm where she defended religious liberty and first amendment rights with a prominent non-profit law firm. Her work included advising schoolboards on prayer policies and religious protection for teachers and students, defending students’ ability to participate in religious organizations, including Bible clubs, on campus; Protecting the free speech rights of open-air preachers and pro-life demonstrators; Safeguarding the constitutional rights of religious groups in public facilities and venues.

KrisAnne has spearheaded an education and advocacy campaign to inform and equip Americans with the knowledge and tools to defend their liberties. This advocacy has taken her to over 260 presentations in over 22 states every year for nearly a decade.

LFL is headquartered in Tampa, Florida, where Chief Counsel Hall also serves as a member of the teaching faculty at River University’s River School of Government.


Frequently Asked

Can LFL sue my employer/school?

At this time, we are unable to accept any additional clients regarding employers or schools mandating vaccines.  However, to help you combat these unlawful mandates we have prepared for you a Memorandum Of Law that you can share with whoever is attempting to mandate these EUA COVID vaccines. The memorandum can be found attached to this link: 

What can I do if a local business is still enforcing mask mandates?

In the current legal climate, the requirements for un-vaccinated people to wear a mask or submit to regular covid testing will be seen as a “reasonable accommodation.” If you wish to contest a mask mandate you will need to find a local attorney that specializes in disability law.  However, requirements to engage in activities not required of those who agreed to participate in an EUA product is a violation of that person’s 14th Amendment rights.

We support private businesses possessing the private property right to establish the conditions they deem appropriate to enter their property.  A private business right to NOT require masks is the same private business right to require a mask.  As a customer, your power exists in your right to choose, as well.  If you do not want to wear a mask, then choose to only support businesses that respect your right to choose to not wear a mask.  Then we speak with our pocketbooks and send a very clear and powerful message.

Where can I find the “No Trespassing” sign?

KrisAnne has several resources available for this topic.  To learn of your Right to Trespass people and government agents from your property along with a form to issue a trespass warning, please go to this link:

To download and print the No Trespassing Sign, please go to this link:

Can KrisAnne represent me in my criminal or civil legal case?

Unfortunately, KrisAnne is unable to take on any new cases at this moment as we are fully engaged in several legal battles at this time.  Child custody, Family law, Criminal defense, etc all require specific knowledge of the State laws in which your case rests.  It will be in your best interest to find a local attorney who specializes in the area of law specific to your needs.  We are working at this time to build a legal reference network to assist people in finding local constitutionally minded attorney, however that system is not yet ready for use.

Contact Us

We love meeting and making new friends.  Send a note and someone will read it. However, due to the volume of requests we can not answer all of them, and we hope you understand.  We love you, praying for you, and we will never cease fighting for you.