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Your Rights Restored

Who Waived your right to refuse?

One lawsuit restores the truth for everyone!

Although we are initiating a lawsuit against the unlawful activities of the Senior Pentagon Leadership, this legal action will restore the right of everyone to refuse a clinical research drug without incurring a penalty or losing a benefit they are otherwise entitled.  How?  Court precedent.  The Court will be asked to rule on the interchangeability fallacy as it relates to an individual irrespective of military status.  We will also ask the Court to rule on the fallacy that an EUA drug can be part of a vaccine mandate.

Courts will read a legal brief outlining 130 years of legislative history pertaining to your right to refuse medical experimentation (administration of an investigational drug in the normal practice of healthcare) without incurring a penalty. Therefore, the legal brief we intend to file will be completely different from all others.

Our Mission

An international treaty, federal law, military regulations, and additional legal protections provide service members and civilian employees with the irrefutable right to refuse the administration of a clinical research drug (e.g., Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19) without incurring a penalty or losing a benefit. Unfortunately, civilian leaders running our military have disregarded the sacred oath our military members swore while violating their own oath of office. As a result, they engaged in a scheme to defraud our men and women in uniform of their rights and privileges as U.S. citizens.

Liberty First Legal has engaged the expert consulting services of Brian Ward at to ensure the courts receive a complete understanding of the laws pertaining to clinical research drugs and how those laws prevent the abuse currently assaulting our brave men and women in the military.

Chief counsel KrisAnne Hall will not only prove that civilian leadership acted outside of their authority, but she will also seek justice for those unlawful activities.  Courts should not allow the gross maltreatment of service members and civilian employees to remain in place. Service members separated must be reinstated, payments reimbursed, lives made whole, and the honor of the military profession restored.

Illegal Separations


Penalized Service Members


DoD Civilian Employees


Follow Our Success

November 2022

Project Started

Research has been completed, and the legal team is being assembled. The next stage is to finalize the legal brief and file it in court.

December 2022

Filing The Lawsuit

Check back here for a copy of the filed legal brief and court updates.

December & January 

Expected Court Process

We will request the court to issue an emergency temporary restraining order (TRO) enjoining SECDEF Austin and others from illegally penalizing service members and civilian employees who agree not to participate in a COVID-19 clinical research drug.  We will also request an emergency hearing to settle the issue quickly for all parties involved.